My name is James and I wanted to just take a few minutes to let you know why I started this website and what I hope for it to become. My vision for absolutezero.org is a health website where you can learn real simple tips to try and keep yourself a bit more healthy than you would be without these tips. The site currently focuses on Alternative Health tips such as ozone water and water filtration. Now, most likely you have seen one or two of my ozone water benefit videos. I’d like to let you know how I learned about ozone for the first time.

My son’s martial arts instructor actually introduced me to Ozone because he was utilizing a different form of ozone therapy. He gets the ozone treatments where they literally put Ozone gas into his body, and that is said to keep you very healthy. I have never done that, but I did watch the procedure and in all honesty, I was actually amazed at what I had seen. But, that is not necessarily the first way to get involved with ozone, that’s for sure.

I wanted to get involved with ozone little by little, so I started to do some research about incorporating ozone into my life. And this is where I started to read about ozonating your water. Now, I was very skeptical about ozone water. There are so many Clean Water Solutions out there, so I thought they were all just a scam or just another form of filter. But I was definitely wrong. One of the first videos I did was actually testing my ozone generator to see if it was truly performing any sort of cleansing or sterilization. The ozone generator I use is called the Aqua 6, and it is a $70 ozone generator. It is not the most expensive ozone generator you can buy, and not the cheapest, but I wanted to buy something that seemed to be okay to use and put it to the test. So my first or second video was the ozone machine test, where I asked the question “do ozone generators really work.” I placed a few drops of dye into a glass of water, and then I let the ozone generator do its thing. This was not a very complex experiment, I literally placed a few drops of dye in the water, inserted the air stone for the ozone generator and hit the button for it to run. But, I was amazed by the results. I really did not think it was going to work. Not only did it work, it works effectively and quickly for an “affordable unit.”

So, now I am exploring all the many ways that ozone can benefit us. I now know that ozone does truly work. I am doing experiment after experiment in the name of science and health, to see how you and I can better benefit from ozone. So, my call to action to you is this, can you think of any ways that I can test my ozone unit? I am wondering if there are ways that you are thinking about, but still have not decided to make the leap to purchase a unit yet. I want my machine and time to be your guinea pig.

If you have any ideas that I’ve yet to cover on my site absolutezero.org, then please let me know. I want to try and convince you that ozone generators are not a scam, and do work to purify water.

Once again, I wish you good health and I hope to continue delivering you health tips and information with absolutely zero influence by any other factors, except my own curiosity. Absolute Zero Manufacturer Intervention, that is my hopes for my site absolutezero.org.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for visiting!