Best Juicer

Hey guys James from absolute zero org here and I sent out an email and asked my YouTube subscribers what they would want to see as far as content and it seemed like juicing was…

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Zero Water Review

I decided to do a zero water filter review video. The zero water pitcher claims to remove 100% of all dissolved solids in your water. This obviously makes a much cleaner and drinking water for…


Best Automobile Ozone Air Purifier

Hi everybody, I wanted to tell you about a new product that I’ve been using that I’ve really come to love. The product is an ozone car deodorizer. This little product was very affordable and…

Best Mouthwash For Bad Breath

Use Ozone To Cure Stinky Breath

If you are concerned about gingivitis or you are looking for the best mouthwash for bad breath then you may want to consider an alternative to store bought mouthwash. Commercial mouthwash is made of all…

Deodorize Smelly Gym Shoes

Deodorize Smelly Gym Shoes

Are you an athlete? If so I am assuming that you’ve probably spent a few hours in a pair of sneakers. Sneakers typically make any sport or athletic activity easier to perform. So most athletes…

how to clean your cpap machine with ozone

Use Ozone To Clean Your CPAP Machine

If you are wondering how to clean your CPAP machine, I recommend using an ozone generator. I use my A to Z ozone generator. The ozone generator can take that musty, smelly hose and CPAP mask and make…

Sterilize Stuffed Animals with Ozone

Sterilize Beanie Babies with Ozone

Another use I have found for my A to Z ozone generator is for sterilizing objects outside of water. For example, if you have children I am sure you most likely have purchased toys or dolls…

ozone purification of vegetables

How To Clean Vegetables With Ozone

Some studies show that ozonation is a great way to reduce bacteria, pathogens, viruses and just about any sort of baddies that can be on your food when you eat them. It is as they say…

drinking ozonated water

Should I Drink Ozonated Water?

A lot of people often are curious about the process of making ozone water. Is it a long process? Is it hard to do? But it is in fact a very, very simple process to…