Do Ozone Generators Work?

do ozone generators really work

After doing a lot of research on ozone generators, I started to see very similar comments from people saying that they don’t really work. That ozone generators are a scam. Or that they don’t generate enough ozone to actually do anything positive to water. So, being that I know they use the ozonation process to sterilize sewage in sewage treatment plants and they use ozone generators in restaurants to sterilize fruits and vegetables, I was trying to think of a way to simply show that a chemical process does occur and does get created by even the more inexpensive ozone generator units.


So, I decided to do a test with my A to Z ozone generator and see what happens when I put a simple drop of food coloring into water, and then apply ozone to it. I wanted to see if you can get a visual representation of the cleansing properties of the ozone generator. While a single drop of food dye is not the most dangerous thing you can come across, I do think that this simple little experiment shows you that the ozone generator does in fact produce ozone, and does in fact produce enough ozone to cause a chemical reaction that you can visually see. There is no trick videography, editing, or anything of that nature. Simply put it is a glass of water with a drop of food dye in it and I apply 10 minutes of ozonation to it. As you can see, using the A2Z ozone generator, I am able to take a glass of red tinted water and turn it back into crystal clear water. And yes, I did drink this glass of ozonated water after the food dye was oxidized out of it.

Let me know your comments, Please Subscribe and like the video on our YouTube page and let me know if there are other experiments you can think of that I can do with the A2Z Ozone Generator machine to convince you that it is a viable solution for healthier drinking water.

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