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Who does not love breathing in the fresh, clean air after a thunder storm?

Many people love the smell in the air after an electrical storm but they don't realize what they are actually smelling is freshly sanitized air due to ozone! The lightning creates ozone as it's electrical charge passes through the air. And this turns our standard oxygen in the air into ozonated oxygen, or ozone. The difference between oxygen and ozone is that ozone includes 3 atoms of oxygen, and the typical air (oxygen) we breathe has just 2 atoms of oxygen. It is this significant difference that allows ozone to clean and purify the air during a storm.

The process of ozone generation is very simple. The air goes through an electric charge and ends up being enriched in oxygen. This O3, ozone gas gets rid of smells, destroys viruses, eliminates mold and mildew as well as bacteria. Many countries utilize it for dealing with public water, sewage treatment and sanitizing food and drinks. Ozone is incredibly powerful, so let's discuss how an ozone generator can help your life become more sanitary!

Check out our ozone generators that we feel are the best options for 2019!

Aqua 6



15 different programs

Digital Display

Polyurethane Tubing


ozonator 500-i

Clean Water Systems


Single Time Program

Digital Display

Silicone Tubing

O3 Disinfector




Digital Display

40 minute or less programs

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