Deodorize Smelly Gym Shoes

Deodorize Smelly Gym Shoes

Are you an athlete? If so I am assuming that you’ve probably spent a few hours in a pair of sneakers. Sneakers typically make any sport or athletic activity easier to perform. So most athletes are very particular when it comes to buying their gym sneakers, and athletic shoes are also very expensive. I have spent upwards of a $150 to $200 on a single pair of sneakers to use for training at the gym. I was very much into weight training so I had bought several very expensive pairs of sneakers to make me feel more comfortable while lifting weights. No matter what sport or athletics you are into, you are certain to have a pair of gym sneakers.

Having a pair of sneakers that you wear specifically for the purpose of sweating and working out is of course a smart move, but there is a downside to wearing that same pair of sneakers. After a while your gym sneakers become very smelly shoes. Nobody wants to admit it, but having smelly shoes is one of those things we don’t like to talk about, but all go through. And to top that, we keep our stinky gym sneakers in our stinky gym bag. This problem isn’t caused by having smelly feet! This problem actually causes you to have stinky feet! While I am sure this problem is worse for men than women, I have spoken to several women who are athletic and they do admit that their sneakers do smell a little more than their other shoes. And this does go the same, for your work shoes as well. If you work in a busy environment and you wear the same pair of sneakers all the time, such as healthcare workers, Hospital workers, nursing home workers, nurses and especially men or women who work in construction boots for 8 to 10 hours a day. Whatever you are doing for the majority of your time, if you are wearing shoes for the whole time to perform this action, then you will most likely have shoes that smell.

So, how do you combat a pair of stinky gym shoes? How do you deodorize smelly gym sneakers?

There are many options for you to consider. You can run your sneakers through the wash. However, sneakers are never quite the same after they go through the wash, and washing them seems to make them smell great for a few days, but then the lingering water that you don’t get out actually makes the smell worse. or you can put your gym sneakers in the washer and dryer, but then the dryer causes your sneakers to never quite be the same. I believe the washing and drying starts to break them down faster. Especially if you wash and dry frequently. Another thing people do is at night they will stuff little plastic products in their gym sneakers. Little air fresheners or deodorizers are placed into your smelly sneakers so that they smell better. They will stick odor eaters and other products in there to try and kill the bad smells. These products can work, but only for a very short amount of time and can get to be expensive. And after the products fragrance runs out, you will be left again with the very same pair of stinky gym sneakers and looking to buy more odor eaters and shoe deodorizers.

The Cure To Stinky Shoes

So, how do I deal with my stinky gym shoes and my smelly work boots? Well, you guessed it, I ozonate them regularly. Ozonating your smelly shoes and boots kills what is causing the smell in them. it doesn’t just mask the smell as other products do. That unpleasant smell from your shoes is created from bacteria that is living off of the sweat that you put into those shoes. And some people are even afflicted by athlete’s foot because of their sweaty feet and their stinky gym shoes. Ozone is the best sterilization I have found to kill all of the bacteria that is making my shoes smell horrible. So, if you have an ozone generator, similar to the unit I use found here, then you can perform a very easy process to keep your sneakers and boots from getting to obnoxious. This is a real cure to the problem, not an odor masking shoe odor spray!

Simple Steps To Remedy Smelly Shoes

To ozonate my stinky sneakers and boots, I will take them and I will place them in a plastic shopping bag. Once they are in the shopping bag I will place the air stone from my ozone unit into the bag as well. Then I will tie the handles of the bag in a knot. This traps the air inside of the plastic bag. So, now that I have my stone from my ozone generator in the plastic bag, I will put my ozone unit on a setting that runs for a half hour every four hours. This is program 15 on my A2Z Aqua 6 ozone machine. Now, I will leave this on and I will let my gym shoes be ozonated over the course of about 12 hours. This is a process I typically do overnight when I know I will not be going to the gym or work the next day. If I am doing my work boots, I will leave them to get ozonized for longer periods over the weekend.

So, if you set this when you come home from the gym in the evening, let’s say at 6 o’clock, then you’re shoes will have over an hour and a half to two hours of ozone sterilization by the time you wake up in the morning. And they will also be less smelly for a longer period of time. This process works much more effectively than those shoe odor sprays and shoe deodorizers. All those products do is temporarily mask the smells, while the ozone is killing the smells at the source. Ozone actually kills what makes your shoes stinky. So, would you rather spray air freshener to kill a bad smell, or would you actually prefer to kill a bad smell by killing the bad smell? Actually neutralizing the odor! This is a no brainer! Using fragrances and odor eater souls is fighting a never ending battle!

If you want to have less smelly gym sneakers or work boots, be sure to ozonate them regularly. You only have to purchase the ozone machine once, and you will get many many many years of fresh smelling shoes at very little cost. If you like this article, please share it with your gym friends and follow absolutezero.org on Facebook and on YouTube!


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