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Hey guys James from absolute zero org here and I sent out an email and asked my YouTube subscribers what they would want to see as far as content and it seemed like juicing was of interest. So I picked one out and I’m going to show you guys the unit I got let me show you how it works and show you what to expect. So basically this is about a hundred dollar unit okay and it’s made by this company here. I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing all right it’s Breville or Breville the juice fountain compact. Okay so it’s about a hundred dollar unit and what I’m going to do right now is show you guys the pieces that comprise the unit and how it works. So when you get everything out of the box out of the package, this is the base this is the container that holds the pulp, the material from other fruits and vegetables. This is the top, this is the disc that you know juices does the actual process of juicing and then this is kind of like the plunger and here is you know the little measuring cup that all the juice goes into. So what I’m going to do for you guys today is make a celery carrot and apple drink and I’ll show you guys how easy it is to set this up get it going a little bit of cleanup involved. But it’s not terrible, so you know you guys are going to see that process right now so here we go.

So first things first is you need your ingredients and so you can see I have my celery carrots and apple. And the reason why it’s in the strainer is I just used my ozone generator to clean all this stuff. So that’s all ozonized. You don’t have to do that I’m just a fan of ozone sterilization so that’s what I did that will affect the taste a little bit. I’m sure but either way here we go. you pop the top on okay and you make sure to line up the little drip spout. Okay so the drip spot goes in that little hole right there things out there. Okay next step, I recommend doing this unplugged. So now you put the disc on and you try and align it it’s a little arrow on there, it shows you how to align and then once it’s on you can see it’s pretty much just above level and that’s how it works. This this kind of this kind of grinds up the material into very tiny pieces of Pulp and because this is spinning the juice flies out into this part of the container okay and the pulp flies over the top into this part. So the juice goes inside this see if I can get that out, a little tough with one hand but the juice comes through that screen into there and then brings it out to here. Okay so it’s kind of simple system, it’s pretty cool, now you have your new container here.

So you set this up like that and then you turn this and then you set this on this back and that’s easy enough. Okay and next is getting at this on top, okay on this you can see it’s got this little kind of tab on there and that corresponds with. If I say you know there’s only one way to get on you can’t really tough my long and that’s it. Okay so now it’s a lock the top in place, bring this up, a little pull up so I just did it with one hand it’s not too difficult. Okay and that’s it now the evenness together so now all we need to do is plug her in. Okay she’s plugged in and now we’re pretty much ready to juice so that’s the setup as you know I mean it took me a couple minutes cuz that’s because I’m trying to film and put a juicer together with one hand at the same time.

But anyway so now this you know I haven’t done it too much but as far as the procedure for juicing I don’t know if you can leave the unit running the way I do it is I pretty much will load the unit up. So I’ll do a little bit of each vegetable and I load it up and then start it up. Let it do some juicing and then load it up again you can see I didn’t go too crazy with cleaning the vegetables my ozonized them and then that’s it I put it in. So now I’m going to put the plunger on top give it a little bit of a press not too much and then I turn the turn the unit on. I turn it on and off and that’s it another slow moron but that little push not too much just so the plunger stays on there and obviously you want to do this with two hands not do what I’m doing.

Carrots and celery for all the good stuff vitamins in there and all that good stuff and I’ll put in one fruit for the sweetness factor so there they have an apple going in. Let’s see if I can do the same, okay my apple doesn’t fit so I guess you need a small apple because that’s not going to work. So the seeds kind of shoot out so I probably want to separate these out obviously on the packaging they show you simply plopping an apple in but that doesn’t I guess you got to get a really small apple but anyway. So I quartered that up and this is it’s going to be a little bitter it might be a little mess but this is what we got here. I’ll pour it into another quarter to another glass for you guys to see the quantity use the strainer side and that’s the drink there. So I’m going to drink that in a minute because I want to show you guys kind of the cleanup I can show you the full thing but just show you what you’re left with and for us we obviously she’s very close to the sink and at this point you just left this whole situation up.

And then you’re actually also shipped this little brush so this brush is shipped with the device to clean the screen and this is like a little scooper. So I’ll show you that see if I can prop this up a bit take that out okay and then the little scooper fits perfectly right in this little hole there like such. Okay and at that point you can just kind of just put a dish right here and I’ll just scoop out right into the dish and the remainder everybody has a screen in their sing. So you can see here it has some material that didn’t get shredded up or whatnot not too bad though for the most part it did a good job a little bit of Apple there and it may be because you’re supposed to leave it running or something I got to do a little more reading on that. But this is the pulp you could probably use this for gardening compost pile etc. So as you can see that there show this over here then when it comes to clean up it’s really not too bad.

So really this is a matter of blanching abet brush – between this is right anyway so hopefully you guys take a look at this hopefully you like this. I at whatever happened with this unit it’s under a unit there is a different type of juicer its called egg. I think I’m masticating or something like that where it gets a bit more juice out of the vegetables and fruits because it kind of grinds and that grinds that squeezes juice out of this pulp you know. So if you feel this this moist you could hear it’s kind of sticky, so there’s still more juice in there but uh you can see that we got a decent amount of juice out of that one bit of celery carrots and an apple all right. And then I’ll typically take a spoon just give it a mix and then I person will just chug this whole thing I love it very high, very happy with it. Alright guys hopefully this helped them to you any questions or comments, let us know below don’t forget to like the video subscribe put on notifications all that good stuff we’ll see in the next one.

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