Zero Water Filter Review


I decided to do a zero water filter review video. The zero water pitcher claims to remove 100% of all dissolved solids in your water. This obviously makes a much cleaner and drinking water for you. I have also used Brita water pictures in the past, but they do not remove 100% of the solids. I decided to test the zero water pitcher against my home tap water and was very surprised by the results.


The zero water pitcher was super simple to unboxed, set up and even get water filtering very quickly. I did not run water through the picture, and I did not soak the zero water filter before use and it still worked perfectly. This is a very impressive unit. The zero water pitcher also comes with a TDS meter that mounts right to the cover and it also includes a spigot in the handle so that you don’t have to take the picture out of your refrigerator to fill up a glass of water. That is a very convenient feature.

I do believe this is the best water filter pitcher around and I recommend that you guys check it out. I do not know how often you will have to do a zero water filter replacement but I am sure you can get the zero water pitcher at Walmart and you can also probably find zero water filter coupons online. I hope you got something valuable from this zero water filter review.

To check out the zero water filter, click the following link.

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