Use Ozone To Clean Your CPAP Machine

how to clean your cpap machine with ozone

If you are wondering how to clean your CPAP machine, I recommend using an ozone generator. I use my A to Z ozone generator. The ozone generator can take that musty, smelly hose and CPAP mask and make it smell clean and fresh. It is a much better system than using soap or other chemicals. I’ve never used vinegar, but I have wasted my time using soap and warm water and the hose and mask seem to get musty again very quickly. That is until I decided to try the ozone generator to clean my CPAP machine.

Please take a look at this video of the procedure I use to clean my CPAP mask and hose and then consider this option for your self. It takes about 20 minutes to disinfect and clean my house and mask, and I don’t have to do anything at all but check back in 20 minutes once the process is complete.

The machine I use is the  A to Z ozone generator and it works fantastic for disinfecting my CPAP mask and hose.

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