Sterilize Beanie Babies with Ozone

Sterilize Stuffed Animals with Ozone

Another use I have found for my A to Z ozone generator is for sterilizing objects outside of water. For example, if you have children I am sure you most likely have purchased toys or dolls from garage sales at some point. Or even if you have purchased toys from the store. The ozone generator can be used to sterilize these toys. The sterilization process can remove all the similar baddies that you would have with food such as chemical dangers, bacteria, viruses and any other germs that can be lingering. Whether it be from production at the factory where the stuffed animal was made, or even if it was bought from a garage sale or maybe even just kept in your own attic or basement.

Anything that can collect moisture for an extended period of time can start to breed bacteria mold and other gross problems. So I have begun to sterilize certain things with my ozone generator. In this video example, I had purchased a stormtrooper stuffed doll from a garage sale. I decided to stuff the doll in a plastic bag, and run it through 10 minutes of ozone treatment. While it may be a little excessive, (some people may just spray the dog with Lysol and hand them to their child), me personally, I would rather err on the side of caution and know that I used the most powerful oxidizing agent known to man to sterilize this toy that I brought into my home from a stranger’s home. So the doll underwent 10 minutes of ozonation, and that makes me much more comfortable when giving it to my kids and or pets.

As you can see, using the A to Z ozone generator for sterilizing dolls or toys it is very simple. Simply place the doll or toy in a plastic bag, insert the diffuser stone, and then tie the bag in a decent knot to keep the ozone within the bag and keep it accumulating. You will definitely notice an immediate improvement in the smell of the stuffed animal or doll after you ozonate it. And you can be confident that it is much more clean and safe to have in your home and give to your children.  It will be much cleaner and more sterile after this treatment.

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